Our Internship Program

An efficient win-win framework for linking internship candidates and professionals

Internship Candidates


With JRF you can have experience in the professional world which will allow you to put into practice all that you have learned. We help you to find an internship in the best institutions according to your field which will help you acquire skills applicable to your future jobs.
  • To help you improve your CV
  • To detect the skills you lack or you need to be competitive in the job market
  • To find you a place in one of the institutions with which we have a collaboration contract
  • Follow up 
  • To validate and certify your internship

Internship Providers


With JRF find the best interns in different fields and departments for a defined period and make a difference in giving back to the society; a great contribution in the field of education.

  • According to the objectives and the vision of your company we select from our database the best candidates who can be inserted in one of your departments;
  • Discussing the collaboration contract.
  • Monitoring interns;
  • Finding together how to assist in the basic needs of these interns (transport costs, basic equipment and tools etc.)
  • Set up a validation and certification program at the end of the internship.

Looking for current internship opportunities?

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